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Bars & Bistros

Our ovens for your needs

Bars are no longer what they used to be: they are not just your usual meeting place, but rather a new reality, where you can try new things every day. For those who work far from home, bars and bistros are a “home away from home”, which welcome us and keep us company from breakfast till after dinner passing through brunch, lunch, afternoon snack, aperitif and dinner.

In many cases, pastries and sandwiches are strictly homemade or supplied by trustworthy partners, heated up just before consumption to allow the customer to relive the “freshly made” experience.

Reliability, speed and consistency

Ovens dedicated to this segment must guarantee reliability, speed and consistency, and in many cases there is the need to be used “in view” due to the limited space in these environments.

Gierre, with its Mega and Brio lines, supports bar, taverns, pubs and bistros: a specialised and reliable partner with more than thirty years’ experience in the industry.

Gierre for Bars & Bistros
Mega, the easy-to-use, high-performing oven by Gierre, and Brio, offering maximum power in a compact size, represent the ideal solutions for Bars and Bistros. In fact, these solutions offer numerous advantages including:
- long life, demonstrated by a thirty-year presence in the market
- possibility for accurate control of cooking parameters
- excellent results in terms of cooking uniformity
- possibility for “in view” use of ovens
- intuitive use, even by non-expert staff
- compact size, with high performance