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The preparation of dough requires high level accurancy, attention and experience: the final result is up to highest expectations just when you’re sure that the dough is cooked perfectly, that is why the support of a reliable oven is essential. An oven that allows the accurate regulation of humidification, temperature and fan speed, to guarantee the maximum cooking uniformity.

Today, large laboratories have a precious ally: Baketek by Gierre

Ovens used in large bakery and pastry laboratories must represent the perfect encounter between power, resistance and precision, in order to stand intense work cycles and at the same time respect the most delicate products.

Gierre for large laboratories

Baketek, Gierre’s expression of excellence, represents the best solution for large laboratories. In fact, Baketek oven offers many benefits like:

- long-lasting resistance against very intense work cycles

- long life, demonstrated by Gierre products still working after over thirty years

- precise control of cooking parameters
- excellent results in terms of cooking uniformity