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Large-scale retail

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One of the most common trends in large-scale retail trade is without a doubt the “in view” cooking of bakery and pastry products: this element adds high value and is a strong point in attracting an ever-more demanding clientèle.

The bread sections of new supermarkets therefore becomes actual workstations, where the smell of freshly baked products offers sensations of authenticity and naturalness.

Thanks to the Baketek and Mega lines, Gierre is your reliable partner, specialised in large-scale retail bakery and pastry counters.

Baketek, Gierre’s top-of-the-range and Mega, the easy-to-use, high-performing oven, represent ideal solutions for large-scale retail trade. In fact, these solutions offer numerous advantages including:

- long-lasting resistance against very intense work cycles

- long life, demonstrated by a thirty-year presence in the market

- possibility for accurate control of cooking parameters
- excellent results in terms of cooking uniformity

- possibility for “in view” use of ovens

- intuitive use, even by non-expert staff

Ovens designed for large-scale retail trade must be versatile and intuitive, they must facilitate the cooking and heating of a wide range of products, achieving excellent results even when used by non-expert staff. Other essential factors are size, which must be limited, and the look of the oven, which must be harmonized with the furniture in order to be used “in view”.