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linesBaketek Plus

Infinite passion, perfect precision.

An icon of reliability and quality, reworked to surprise and inspire even more.
With its new technologies, you will have unparalleled precision at hand to create bread and pastry masterpieces. 

The uniform heat distribution and precise temperature control will allow you to obtain perfect results every time: delicate tarts, soft bread and everything your creativity desires.
The intuitive controls and touch-screen display make programming recipes a breeze.

We haven’t forgotten the heart of this extraordinary oven: its heritage of reliability, durability and even cooking. The robustness and quality of materials that distinguish Gierre are maintained and enhanced.

Rely on Baketek to succeed in any cooking challenge, day after day, without compromises, and let yourself be inspired by infinite possibilities.

We are ready to turn your passion into sweet success!


The touch (T) display on the control panel is a new feature of this extraordinary oven.
With its intuitive, responsive interface, it makes food preparation an engaging, effortless experience.

The interface allows chefs to regulate the temperature precisely, along with the cooking time and other settings based on the specific needs of each dish.
The touch display also provides access to a vast library of pre-installed recipes. Just touch the screen to select the desired dish and the oven will automatically adapt to the best settings.
It offers real-time monitoring of the internal oven temperature and the cooking progress. This keeps everything under control without having to open the door, guaranteeing smooth, uniform cooking.

The aesthetics of the touch panel contribute to giving this professional oven a sophisticated modern look.
The attractive design serves as added value for professional kitchens and restaurants wanting to present themselves as elegant and avant-garde.

Main features

10.1” multi-touch capacitive display
Enhanced heating power
High-capacity fan
Triple low-e glass
Two core probe connections
Integrated extendable sprayer
Accurate and precise power management through the use of static relays
The door can open the opposite way