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Baketek is the line of Gierre ovens dedicated to the Professional Pastry & Bakery

Baketek ovens are specially designed for the most sophisticated laboratories and professional pastry shops, environments in which time and precision, reliability and strength, are essential parameters to choose and appreciate a solution.
These ovens are our most state-of-the-art response to the more demanding cooks requests: a range designed to enhance their creativity and excellence, offering complete cooking systems, observing the typicality of Italian recipes and international cuisine.

Know-how and specialization

Know-how and specialization in professional ovens industry for pastry and bakery are part of the BAKETEK range: an iconic oven for those who appreciate the Made in Italy "know-how".

Reliability and durability

Reliability and durability are the result of constructive solutions and implemented techniques in over thirty years of experience with a specific focus in pastry-making. Resistant and performing components. Maximum optimisation of air recirculation inside the cooking chamber.

LCD digital control panel (P)

- On/off button
- Function management LCD display
- Return/go to button
- LCD main menu button Temperature setting button
- Timer button
- Parameters setting and adjustment knob
- Oven light on/o button Vent opening /closing button
- Humidification button
- Fan speed adjustment button
- Gas reset button Start/stop button
- USB port

Digital control panel (E)

- On/off button
- Oven light on/o button
- Start/stop button
- Gas reset button
- Vent opening /closing button
- Temperature display Temperature adjustment
- Timer display and automatic pre-heating function
- Timer
- Humidification display Humidi cation adjustment
- Fan speed display and rapid cooling function
- Fan speed adjustment

Electromechanical control panel (M)

- On/off knob
- Temperature setting and adjustment knob
- Time setting and adjustment knob
- Humidification setting and adjustment knob
- Temperature control

Main features

Scheduled ignition | 5
Steam extraction system
Insulation system at high-intensity
Three speeds reverse rotation
Enhanced heating unit
Perforated air diffusers
Optimising energy consumption
Flame ignition and electronic control
Passo a passo function