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The small one with the performance of the big ones.

Cooking small snacks or thawing frozen products with BRIO has never been so easy. 
Small yet powerful professional ovens designed for Bistrot & Bars.

The oven heating element installed inside the cooking chamber, the HT silicone seal, and better ventilation between the panes of glass in the door make BRIO ovens powerful with high performance.
The reduced size and captivating design make them perfectly suitable for places where space is precious and they need to blend in with modern visible counters.


The BRIO range is divided into the BrioX and Brio VER lines.
BrioX features interior and exterior finishes in AISI 430 steel, while Brio VER has an AISI 430 steel interior and its exterior is painted black.

BrioX and Brio VER are available in the Facile, Multifunzione, and Digitale versions


This is the most complete version, thanks to the simple and intuitive interface, providing full control of the cooking process.


This version allows you to select the type of cooking desired, either conventional or convection. The electromechanical control panel contains four selection knobs:
Cooking – Temperature – Timer – Humidity (optional).


With its basic functions, the Facile version is ideal for thawing or heating small snacks.
The electromechanical control panel consists of three selection knobs: Temperature – Timer – Humidity (optional).

Main features

Rack tip-prevention
The lighting is situated on one side of the cooking chamber
The lower heating element is located within the cooking chamber
The seal is made of strong, high-performance HT silicone
Better ventilation between the door panes
Cone-shaped ergonomic handles