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linesBST Pastry

Reliable. Compact. High Peformance.

Studied and designed for small bakeries & pastry shops, where perfect, uniform baking is required every day, all day long.

BST ovens feature a modern design, high performance, and a compact size. They are compatible with smaller bakeries and shops and can enter doors just 80 cm wide.

The increase in heating power to guarantee better cooking responsiveness, the stainless steel cooking chamber insulated from the outer cover, and an efficient automatic cleaning system make BST powerful and reliable.

The high-capacity fans in BST ovens enable greater heat exchange, distributing the air uniformly and guaranteeing perfect cooking uniformity and impeccable browning from the first to the last rack

Available in Electromechanical or Digital versions.


The digital (D) control panel offers a pleasant experience due to an interface with a capacitive touch sensor and easy, intuitive navigation.
The clarity and easy legibility of the screen allow for full control of the cooking process, guaranteeing impeccable results every time.

A simple touch is all you need to set the desired type of cooking, exact temperature, time, humidity percentage, and ventilation.
The digital version stands out for its advanced functionality, such as the multi-timer, programmed start, preheating, and maintenance.

It is ideal for people who appreciate the use of technology to simplify daily activities in the kitchen.


The electromechanical (C) models have a control panel with five selector knobs. Just rotate to select the type of cooking, temperature, time, and humidity level.
The electromechanical version combines intuitive design and exceptional performance for an effortless cooking experience.

Main features

Efficient automatic washing
High-capacity fan
Hidden drawer
Enhanced heating power
Probe connection on the panel
User interface with capacitive keyboard
The door can open the opposite way
Motorized humidity drain